Mein Warenkorb


Our Story

We make modern everyday bags for ethical fashionistas so that they can look great while being fair and vegan. Here’s how:

All our materials are vegan, which make our bags 100% cruelty-free. Only plant-based, sustainable leather alternatives are used such as cork and washable paper, which have a lower impact on the planet than plastic vegan leathers do.

We advocate for respectful treatment and pay for the people who make our products in Thailand, which mean:

  • The backpacks are skilfully made in a clean and safe workshop in Bangkok with fair pay for the workers and no child labour.
  • Our tech accessories are carefully made by a small team of passionate craftspeople in Rayong, who are paid far above minimum wage.
  • We build strong relationships with our suppliers through frequent visits.

Fair prices for our customers. For us, this means using high quality materials and well-made cut and construction at affordable prices. 

We focus on timeless, well-made designs instead of the latest trends so you can love and use our products for longer.

Our focus is on the use of natural materials such as the 100% cotton exterior of all our products, cork and paper details.

We don't use synthetics except for where their benefits far outweigh their drawbacks such as for our backpack lining.

We pledge to invest in more and more eco-friendly materials as these become accessible to our small brand.

Our Roots

We started out in Hamburg, making tech accessories and selling them at craft fairs locally and all over Germany from 2015 to 2018.

When it was time to outsource our production last year, the founders, Heidi and Jan, moved to Thailand and began collaborating with bag makers there to make quality bags and tech accessories for the brand. 

Behind The Name

The KURATIST name is a wordplay on “curated” and “list”.

We are committed in staying true to our name by working with the most skilful, passionate collaborators for our production and selecting the finest materials and the best features for our products for our customers to enjoy.

Where to find our products

Our products are available through the KURATIST online store, on and

We ship from Germany to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.