AirPods-Cases EMMA

Discover our AirPods cases with cork detailing and a clip. They offer more than just protection for your earphones, providing storage space for cards and accessories. Choose from a variety of colours and EOKO Tex prints for a personalised style. Ideal for the NELA phone crossbody bag and other bags. Stay organised and comfortable on the go, with vegan, fair, and sustainable production.

GRATIS EMMA ab 28€ Einkauf mit Code: FREEEMMA

Kuratist AirPods-Case: Der praktische Begleiter

Entdecke die AirPod-Hüllen von Kuratist mit Reißverschluss, Clip & Kork-Detail. Mehr als Schutz, bieten sie Stauraum für Karten & Accessoires.

  • Stylish protection

    Padded with 100% cotton for extra comfort, featuring soft cork edge protection for an eye-catching look.

  • Organised on the go.

    Fits more than just AirPods. With a card slot for storing cards, cosmetics, or keys.

  • Easy access.

    Durable YKK® zipper for quick access.

  • Always with you.

    Carabiner for attaching to a phone chain or bag.

  • Unique look

    Mix and match designs with the NELA phone crossbody bag.

  • Show your individuality

    Numerous colors and OEKO-Tex prints for your personal style.