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Kuratist Modern Everyday Bags – Well Made Classics for Ethical Fashionistas


Think ethical fashion is boring? At KURATIST, we strive to make modern essential backpacks, bags and tech accessories for a vegan and conscious consumer's capsule wardrobe.

Let us show you how:

  • We focus on timeless, well-made designs instead of the latest trends so you can love and use our products for longer. 
  • Our prices are affordable for the premium quality you're getting – which are high quality materials and well-made cut and construction. For us, a part of being ethical means fair and accessible prices for everyone.
  • All our materials are vegan, which make our bags 100% cruelty-free. We use plant-based, sustainable leather alternatives such as cork and washable paper and these have a lower impact on the planet than plastic vegan leathers do.
  • We advocate for respectful treatment and pay for the people who make our products. Our production is done in Thailand, and we work closely with our suppliers to develop strong relationships through frequent visits. The backpacks are skilfully made in a clean and safe workshop in Bangkok with fair pay for the workers and no child labour. Our tech accessories are carefully made by a small team of passionate craftspeople in Rayong, who are paid far above minimum wage.
  • We will invest in more and more sustainable materials for our range as these become accessible to our small brand. Our products are currently made from biodegradable, natural fibres such as cotton, cork and paper. Our goal for 2020 is to lower our impact to the environment further by switching to organic cotton and other eco-friendly fibres.


Essentially, we care about helping consumers look good without harm to people, animals and the planet. Help us design the next ethical backpack and bag by sending in your product idea and material suggestions to info@kuratist.com.

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